Changing Trends

In the 60s a new trend appeared and it was called the hula hoop. It was fun and nearly everybody bought one to at least try and hula hoop and this trend went on for several years but today, you will scarcely see a hula hoop anywhere. That is how it is with trends, they are remarkably popular one day and then all of a sudden they are gone, rarely to be seen again. This has happened with several other trends since then including one involving the Rubik cube and today it is unlikely that things will change any time soon. The latest trend seems to have started in 2016 and is today, still going strong. This particular trend is for fidget spinners of which there are now numerous different types on the market, most of which are selling well. As with anything else today, as there are so many available to choose from, you have to go online to read review so that you can compare spinners one against another to see which one you think will best suit your needs.

Although to many a fidget spinner is considered a toy, it is a toy which many adults are using as they are said to be able to help you concentrate. As their name suggests, these are of some use to people that like to fidget, perhaps tapping their fingers or cracking their knuckles. The spinners contain small ball bearings which allow the devices to easily and quickly spin with just the touch of a finger. Fidgets will continually touch the spinner keeping it spinning and thereby have no need for finger tapping or knuckle cracking and yet are still able to concentrate on their job. That is the theory anyway and some students that have tried them tend to agree, saying they could concentrate better whilst using a fidget spinner. Teachers however are disagreeing with these students and in fact have complaints about the spinners. The complaint that teachers have is that the spinners may help the students to concentrate, they also cause them to be distracted as they like to watch how the spinner spins rather than looking at what they are being shown so, the brain may be more focused but the eyes aren’t and the teachers believe that this is an unacceptable situation.

As fidget spinners are fairly new, no regulations relating to them being used in classrooms has yet been made and so currently schools have to make their own decisions as to whether or not they allow them in classrooms. One proposal that will hopeful appease both student and teacher has been put forward and that suggestion is; instead of allowing fidget spinners in the classrooms, allow fidget cubes which are similar to spinners but they do not have the distractive movements the spinners do and so therefore would not only help the student to concentrate like a spinner would but as they offer nothing to particularly look at, a student can still look at what they are being shown.

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