Cycling At Night

Whether you won a traditional bike or an electric one, you should consider your safety in riding it at night. It is important that you get the right accessories to go with your bike so that you can really review e bike well. When you use the right accessories at night, you would be able to enjoy riding at night without fearing for your life.

The Danger Of Night Cycling

Cycling at night can be very dangerous because people wouldn’t be able to see you easily. You should make sure to keep yourself visible to prevent other cars from running you over. This can be done by adding lights and reflective accessories not only to your bike but also as part of your clothing and gear. Here are some night time accessories that would be very useful during your night cycling.

Light Accessories

Lighting up your bike is the best way to be seen and through the recent developments in light technology, it is now possible to do so. LED lights are perfect for this job because they only make use of a little energy, are lightweight and can produce much light even if they seem to be very small. Many of the LED light accessories can also run on rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

There are also bikes that already have their own standard light accessories. In addition, there are also other bike manufacturers that let you decide as to what lighting you would place on your bike depending on your need. You can go to your local bike shop to find a selection of bike lights and accessories that you can add to your bike.


Types Of Lights For Your Bike

The light accessories that you place on your bike are mainly of two types. The first type is the one that lets you see the road or your trail and the other one is the one that lets you be seen by others.

  • Lights For Seeing Your Surroundings – You would typically have bright lights that will help you illuminate the road and your surroundings. These are very useful in areas where there are no street lights. Bike paths or trails may or may not have lights and it is always safe to have one handy. Most of them are lightweight and come with a rechargeable battery. Many of them can also be attached to your helmet so that you can really focus on where the light should go.
  • Lights To Help Others See You – These lights would be flashing so that you can be easily seen. They are usually attached to the rear end of the bike and the front. LED lights require little energy and can work for more than a 100 hours.

Other Accessories

Aside from the lights, there are also other accessories that you should use at night to help you be seen in the dark. There are reflective accessories that can alert the other vehicles so that drivers can see you. You can also make use of flashing lights or reflectors on the wheels so that you and your bike would be seen at night.

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